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Community Members and Company Builders – Global Innovation Ecosystem

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What is the Global Innovation Ecosystem?

The Global Innovation Ecosystem is a network of entrepreneurs, investors, advisers, and industry experts that are focused on creating and funding startups that will change the world. Communities are part of the ecosystem that creates and tests business hypotheses and turns them into viable business ideas.

What is a Global Innovation Ecosystem Community?

Global Innovation Ecosystem Communities are the components of the Ecosystem responsible for creating and testing business hypotheses for “Missions” generated through brainstorming sessions of Global Innovation Ecosystem’s industry specific think tanks. Run by one of Global Innovation Ecosystem’s Community Partners, the Communities are local, regional groups of entrepreneurs and developers interested in the startup process. Global Innovation Ecosystem Communities are free to join and serve as a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as seasoned startup veterans looking for side-projects.

What is a Global Innovation Ecosystem Studio?

If a Global Innovation Ecosystem Community is generating a lot of activity, its Community Partner will create a formalized, legal entity with one of Global Innovation Ecosystem’s Collaborative Venture Labs. The formation of a legal entity is to facilitate the startup creation and funding process. The revenue potential of a Global Innovation Ecosystem Community should rise significantly if it can get to the studio stage.

Plans for late Summer 2016

Global Innovation Ecosystem plans to launch an online platform as a way of fully integrating the Communities with Global Innovation Ecosystem’s other  components, as well as a way to provide full transparency to the Global Innovation Ecosystem’s process (taking an idea from conception to late stage funding) and its incentive structure. Please look forward to more information as we refine the features of the platform.

Roles and Benefits Community/Studio Partner

The Community Partner is the head of the Community and is in charge of organizing Community events, coordinating Community brainstorming sessions, allocation of a Community’s resources, and communicating with Global Innovation Ecosystem’s CVL Partners about the Community’s business hypotheses
for the CVL’s Missions.


  • Pay meetup due or website LLC incorporation costs
  • Monthly meeting and weekly progress updates (all part-time)
  • Internal brainstorming
  • External sourcing
  • Syndicate lead
  • New member recruitment
  • Add value – monitor team
  • Equity pool
  • Reputation response
  • Top contributor rewards
  • (optional) conduct class, organize meetup/speech/talks, etc


  • 50% equity in the Studio
  • Equity share in startups generated by the Studio
  • Syndicate fees and class/ad fees
  • Potential to start a micro-fund for the Studio
  • Sustained side income from Community activities (speakers, events, etc)
  • Monthly ability to monetize multiple projects

Community/Studio Members

Community Members are any individuals who have joined the Community. Akin to members of a club, each member’s involvement varies on a case by case basis. If there are enough active members in a Community (i.e. working on rocket pitches for Missions, helping out other Global Innovation Ecosystem startups, communicating with the Community Partner, etc), then the Community Partner can form an Global Innovation Ecosystem Studio and its active members can receive equity shares for all the startups generated by the Community/Studio.


  • Monthly work on rocket pitch from Missions
  • Monthly sign up for Side-Missions
  • Monthly report on adding others/adding new external startups
  • Report to Community Partner about how they can help (goal and metric)
  • Weekly execute tasks


  • Equity in companies you create
  • Equity in companies you source externally
  • Top contributor rewards (%) potential
  • Involved in cool “Missions”
  • Reputation system to gain job offers and networking OR startup cofounder offers


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